Saturday, April 11, 2009

Family Friday: Dani

Danielle Shields Tvetan

It's that time again for family Friday! I'm excited to highlight yet another amazing member of my family. My sister Danielle is hilarious! I absolutely love her blog! She was the second to get married and lives in the freezing state of Idaho--where she and her husband Kevin are going to school.

Danielle is so much fun to be around and she is so funny! I find myself just laughing all the time when I'm with her, read about her life, or talk to her on the phone. I really appreciate that about her. There's a lot of other things I love about her:
  • She is passionate about her religion and beliefs.
  • She is great to her husband.
  • She is a brilliant designer. Check her out here, & here.
  • She is so good with children and loves her church calling working with the little tikes in Nursery.
  • She has the greatest sense of humor and she is hilarious. No one makes me laugh like you Danielle (except sometimes Ali)
  • She had a great sense of fashion (I missed that lesson in Heaven).
  • Danielle is such a fast learner. There once was a time I actually taught her how to make a blog and so forth but now she far exceeds my limited technical abilities.
  • She, like my mom & Chelsea, loves all things "People", movie stars, singers, and basically entertainers.
  • She is a great friend. She even introduced her best friend (& her 2 siblings) to the LDS faith and they were all 3 baptized.
  • Another thing I love about Dani is that she has a kind heart. She looks out for those who are struggling, the lonely, the misfits, and truly does her part to make them feel loved and a part of something. I love that about her!
  • I love that she has an old Polaroid camera. She loves that thing and takes some incredible pics with it.
There are many things I love about you Dans! I love the fun videos and photos you post, the fact that I can just call you up and chat, your funny stories, and the fact that I get a front row seat the amazing things (changes) soon to be happening in your life!

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Ryan and Kim said...

Hehe! Cute picture. I love the mustache that Eric is sporting! He actually has a little hair there too.