Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mormon Blogs You Can't Afford to Miss

As you can see by my blog roll I follow a lot of brilliant, talented, educated, and hilarious blogs! I count myself blessed to have such amazing friends! Suffice it to say that I am busy with grad school and life--these blogs have helped me to maintain my sanity. Just in case you have never happened upon (I know some of you are lurkers) these amazing blogs on your own--I am going to do a bit of a Mormon Blog Shout-Out! They are in particular order and I love them all:

This blog is just hot off the press ladies and is especially for those of you who are single! My friend Peggy is hilarious, she is amazingly talented, she is a visionary, has a heart of gold, and she is making things happen in her life. She is also quite the enabler in the lives of those around her! If you are frustrated that people keep asking you why you are single, if you've been to a wedding recently and were asked when will be your turn, or if you are looking for positive reaffirmation that it's okay to be a single mormon female--this blog is for you!

If you are mormon and have always wanted to know what is going on in the NYC scene then my friend Natalie Hill's blog is for you. I have always dreamed of singing on Broadway but Natalie has actually done it (and well I might add!). Her blog is hilarious, sincere, informative, and entertaining!

I can't plug my friend Mindy Gledhill enough! She is kind, sincere, loyal, crazy (I love that about her), and she is honest. If you are looking to read about someone who is real, recognizes her flaws, loves her huband & kidlets, is passionate about her music, and gets that God comes first then this is the blog for you!

My friend Ty Mansfield is incredible. He has a gift for writing, listening to hearts, and being an advocate. His blog is just the inspiration you need in your life to get through the mundane and negative world we seem to live in. He is current on issues, he is a defender of the cause, and he has no fear becuase he is full of faith! If your heart is in need of some healing his blog is the solution!

My man Don Osmond has got things going on. He is on a bobsled team (would does that), he is a blogger for Mormon Times, and use to be referred to as "Dr. Love" when he wrote for the magazine "Schooled". If you are needing advice, if you are in the "cresting thirty" age range, or if you just want to be entertained--stay tuned to Don's blog!

My friend Jake is a motivational speaker as part of his job but he is a motivational person as part of his being. Trust me just being around him makes you feel like a better person. If you are someone who needs a good dose of motivation, if you are up to his blog challenges, and if you want to improver your self mastery then this blog is perfect for you!

Nicole (Hill) Geralut is one talented lady. This is double shout out for her. She is going to be doing a photography class in Phoenix as just one of her many stops on her photography tour! If you love great clothes, fun little sussies, amazing photography, and a little bit or everything else then you can't miss out on this blog!


single_chick said...


thank you so much for the shout out and support! you've always been so good to lift up those around you!

you rock!

Pierce and Stacy said...

Oh, Kylee, you must have missed mine by accident. It's Thanks!!! Love you. Good luck with your electronic/media fast.

nicole hill gerulat said...

thank you so much! so nice of you.

Pierce and Stacy said...

Just so you know... I was kidding. I hope you knew that.