Saturday, December 02, 2017

Time Away or Time Out?

Time Away

I have taken the month of March as a time away from a book that I've been writing, well putting together for years (yes, I said years). A good friend, and fellow writer, listened to my frustration of getting lost in this project and gave me some great advice. He told me to just take some time away from it. So I took his advice and took an entire month off. I haven't look at my book at all, I haven't talked about it, I haven't even thought about it. I started reading a bunch of books, I started this blog, and I invested my time in others things.

I will say that I was tempted a few times to get cracking on the editing of my book but then I looked over on my cork board at the reminder my best friend wrote for me:

I have a complete first draft.
It is exciting & filled with inspiring, life changing principles.

When I would read his reminder I would take a breathe and focus on something else. This month away from my book has been much needed and great for my perspective. I am again in love with my book. I am excited to dive in again on Friday April, 1, 2011. I hope to finish my book by the end of April and then start the publication process (more on that later...)

Time Out

Unlike taking a time away sometimes what you really need is a time out! Sometimes taking a time away helps you to gain perspective and you realize it is actually time to shelve a project. The Secret Archives of the Alliterati, love this blog, had a great post about this recently. Sometimes the fact that you are bogged down, keep getting rejection letters, your friends can't seem to finish reading your novel/project to give you feedback, means it is time to walk away for good—or at least for now.

I think it very important as writers that we learn the difference between a time away and a time out. Anyone have any experience with either of these they want to share??

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