Tuesday, August 22, 2006


One would think that someone who got a degree in English and Linguistics, was a copy editor of a magazine, did speech/debate in HS, and wants to become a Social Worker/Family Therapist would know how to communicate...one would think, but recently it is just not the case.

I would say that I usually communicate well with others but for some reason (and thus this entry) I haven't been able to communicate my thoughts or feelings well to anyone. I got so frustrated the other day that I started crying (I hate crying) and then I started laughing because even my tears were sending mixed signals. I can't even communicate in the language of tears.

Lately I find myself lost in thought-unable to conjure up the right words, or the right string of words- to say what I want. I find myself saying words that don't match my thoughts or I don't say anything but my heart is screaming a thousand thoughts. I know I'm not alone in this lack of communication. The thing is this usually happens when people are in love or something crazy and silly like that...what if there is no reason at all...no reason that I can think of for my absolute lack and inability to communicate.

It's weird because I seem to play it off okay-everyone has to communicate- but really I find myself wishing more and more lately that everyone around could just sign. ASL would be a great way to communicate! :)

I am curious as to anyone's thoughts on this topic of communication...any advice?

(sorry for the k's in the title ju-ju-bee,I know how you hate them, but they make a point)


Izzybaz said...

You don't know me, I come to your blog through our mutual friend K. Marie, but I felt I had to give you a virtual hug after reading this post! So...


I can tell you that I do better with written communication (not that you'd know that from this entry), but I'm terrible at oral communication. I actually forget the words for things, so everything becomes a 'thingy' or a 'majobie'. Heck, I've even been known to just point and make wild charades to communicate. One of my friends and I would make wicked charade partners - we both communicate that way!

Sorry to ramble on so... :)

amber nicole said...

try living in another country where all of your relationships are constrained to the extent of your second language capacity! ack! i use a lot of laughing, smiling, and facial expressions when i can´t figure out the exact word i´m trying to say...

needless to say, i think about communication (and the frustration thereof) often in my life!

and i think you´re a great komunicator