Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fire Water

Welcome to WaterFire Providence! I had heard about this early in the summer from some friends but we finally decided to check it out. Seth and Jared joined me on our WaterFire adventure. There were hordes of people milling around Providence and it was a beautiful night. Seth got the best parking spot (he's amazing like that!) and we hit the town running! To learn more about the history or events at WaterFire check it out here.

Water + Fire= WaterFire

more WaterFire...

and more WaterFire

The guys I got to hang out with tonight (Lucky me!!)

Seth and I

Jared and I

From across the river I could hear a saxaphone playing. I was drawn to it and so the three of us camped out for a while and listened to a jazz band play. The piano player was amazing and I even went and stood up close so I could see his fingers flyin' over the keys. Jared said the bassist was great too (I have no idea- he sounded great to me). I just loved sitting there listnening to jazz. I really wanted to get up and dance (and did a little bit). I love this music!

The moon and the clock tower reminded me of "Back to the Future". I'm not a great photographer (I leave that to ~T~) but the moon was gorgeous.

"Hola Fresca"

Being with Seth and all I knew we would end up heading to wherever there was dancing. I LOVE to dance, but I am scared to death of Salsa dancing. I have no idea why--I just am. I have turned down numberous opportunities to salsa dance and I would have turned down this one if there had been anyone to dance with Seth (besides Jared). But as it stood it was just me and him and so he took pity on me and actual taught me a thing or two. I was terrible and we both knew it, but I laughed, he laughed, and we both had a great time. I guess it's never to late to conquer's to salsa dancing!

"My Heart Will Go On" was playing in the background so of course I had to strike the famous pose and Seth helped me out a bit....who really knows what's going on behind those eyes?? (thanks for the picture Jared)

Good night and Great Friends!


Mooney said...

I'm not sure I could look goofier in that last picture if I tried.

Kyles said...

Oh, I've seen you look goofier...and you could try! I had a blast dancing with you also (sorry I am so bad).

ps I really do miss you playing the guitar all the time, hurry up and move out here already!

Ju Ju Bee said...

oh stupid vermont to take me away from this! can we do it again?

Kyles said...

We could go again...yes, all you need to do is drive me out there(in the Cheat preferably). It happens every other weekend until October 21st. So we still have a bunch of weekends...if you really want to go again.

Tang Tang said...

Moi aussi, moi aussi!