Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Cell Phone Philosophy

By popular demand(and by this I mean a few people) I was asked to share will others my cell phone etiquette philosophy. I know by doing so I may make some instant enemies, and that's okay. This will work for some and not for others. So if you are one who is trying to ween yourself from your cell phone here are some tips.

The governing rule to my philosophy is:
(Please repeat many times until it sinks in)
  1. I don't have to answer my cell phone
  2. People with whom I'm talking to face to face ALWAYS come before those calling me on the cell phone
  3. If I miss a call (and they don't leave a message) I am not obligated to call them back
  4. Nothing is so important that I am willing to risk my life or those in my car by using my cell phone irresponsibly
  5. When someone leaves a message I need to find time to respond to them
  6. I will not give out my cell phone number to parties that I don't ever intend to answer their calls
  7. I have the power to turn off my cell phone any time I feel I don't want to be reached by others
  8. The very nature of a cell phone provides a way for people to reach me, therefore I will keep my cell phone with me and on most of the time
  9. I do not have to answer my phone when I do not know who is calling me
  10. I will not use my cell phone (this applies to text messages also) to provide a communication buffer for conversations that should take place in person
So there they are. Maybe they can be of use to you. I realize these rules are old fashioned for some. Let me know what you think and if there are anymore rules that you have.


Steph said...

I do believe that I agree with most of these rules. One of my huge pet peeves is when you're on a date and someone answers their cell phone. I've had a few bad experiences with this. I can't say that I am blameless when it comes to this, but I try. I decided a few years ago that just because someone is calling and its a good time for them doesn't mean that its a good time for me and I don't have to answer the phone. This also applies to work. If I'm in the middle of something, I let them leave a message and I get back to them when I can give them more attention.

Kris said...

I love this about you Kylee. Its a big leap to go from cell phone to no cell phone but its wonderful. I can concentrate on my driving, not worry whether or not I've turned it off at the movies, or even worse, church! Amen to cell phones not ruling our lives!