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Family--Isn't it about time...

I need to apologize to my pa for waiting so long to post these pictures. He reminded me the other day that I hadn't said anything about my parent's trip to Boston to see my sister and I. In case my parents, my Aunt Julie, or my Grandma Shields felt at all neglected here are the adventures of your trip and the pictures to accompany.

It really was great to have my Mom and Dad here to see why I love Boston so much!

In Vermont we stopped at a Trading Post in Sharon, VT. There were people dressed up like Pioneers selling stuff. Dad didn't really want to stop, but mom, of course, did. In the end everyone came away with something: I got a music stand for Marie, Dad got a baseball glove and baseball for Clay, Mom got a painting for a friend, and Chelse and Mike got a nice lamp for their new apartment.

Then we headed to the Joseph Smith Memorial. It was the first time for Dad, Mom, and I to come to the birthplace of the Prophet and I was very excited to check the place out. I had no idea how beautiful it was!

We decided to watch the new movie about Joseph Smith's life. It is incredible and if you haven't seen I suggest you do soon.

The place where the house is said to have been.

This is a replica of what Joseph's house would have looked like.

This is at the base of the memorial shaft

Dad, doing what he does best, teaching truth.

This really all that is left of the original home where Joseph Smith was born.

The Momma and the Pappa at the memorial. There is a fascinating story of how they got the shaft to the spot where it stands today.

In memory of Joseph Smith, the granite monument( in the background) was dedicated on the 100th anniversary of his birth. The shaft was sculpted from a single granite block quarried in Barre, Vermont, and is one of the largest polished shafts in the world. It stands 38 1/2 feet tall, one foot for every year of the Prophet Joseph Smith's life. The shaft weighs 40 tons.

The beautiful grounds of the Joseph Smith Memorial Site

We found a map of Vermont and Dad wanted to see where the cities Rochester and Bethel VT were located. My Granpa Shields has served his mission in the New England States Mission years ago (he served in VT the entire time). Bethel and Rochester were cities my grandma remembered hearing about. We didn't make it to the cities but Dad was satisfied that we found them on the map...and that were close.

Welcome to Quichee (pronounced Key-Chee)! Chelsea found out from a friend about Simon Pearce, a glass blowing shop in Vermont that we decided to stop at. The store looked like you stepped into the glass store in the movie, "Sweet Home Alabama". So much so that I actually asked the lady at the counter if they filmed the movie there and she said no, but that it was thier glass in the movie and that they probably used their store as refernce for the set in the movie.

We were able to see a man make a few glass goblets and a lady make a few pottery water pitchers. The experience was great!

The Quichee River

More Quichee River, man I love this place and I really want to go river rafting or kayaking here sometime...any one up for it?

Inside the "Minute Men" visitor's center in Conord, MA
They have a really great interaction video/presentation that they show. I highly recommend it!

Chelse and I on the Old North Bridge

Gotta love the old phone booths!

Mom, Dad, Chelsea, Grandma, Aunt Julie, and I decided to go to the Harvard Museum.

Welcome to FHE with the Shields Family!
I knew that FHE for the week would fall on one of the days that Mom & Dad were visiting Boston. So I asked Dad to plan the lesson and Mom to make the treats. Since Music Night had become something that we got together to do every once in a while...I figured that I would combine FHE w/ Music night and just make a big night of it.

I have to say that is was one big success! Dad's lesson of the "God of the last minute" touched many of my friends. He has this way of teaching to your inner soul. Maybe that's why I can't get enough of him as a teacher!

I have so many talented friends that shared their gifts with us. My mom was impressed by the variety of skills. Thanks to all who were willing to share your talents and make us laugh. You are loved and appreciated!

I think this is Dad concentrating and focusing before he gives the FHE lesson!

Most people's favorite part of FHE is the treats!
(L-R): Momma, Luke, Aunt Juile, Marie (I see you), and Grandma Louine

(L-R): Katie(friend of Kimber), Kendall, Jasmine, and Kimber (cousin of Tim)

Tim, Mary, and Micheal Adam

In case you didn't know I'm letting out the secret! Seth Wood is an up and coming Rock Star! Look he even shines!

Thanks ~T~ for the below candid shots!

Julie we can't get enough of your beautiful voice and amazing guitar skills...more please!

(L-R): K. Marie, Timothy, Seth, and "Rock Star" Julie. You really couldn't find better friends!

DUCK TOURS ooh ooh ooh (sing the duck tales song here).
So we decided to do the Duck Tour of Boston instead of the Freedom Trail and it was a good decision since Grandma was exhausted by this time of the trip (see proof below).

"Quack, Quack"

This was the first time for all of us to take a Duck Tour in Boston. We had no idea what to expect. I won't bore you with what I thought-except to say save your money and walk the Freedom Trail. Anyway- our driver's name was Captain Jet Blue. I really had not idea why the blue part until about half way through the tour he took off his pirates hat to reveal electric blue hair. I couldn't help but laugh.

Mom & Dad enjoying the view

Have I told you how much I love my sis? She is absolutely amazing!

Gotta love the Harbor and the Beautiful view of Boston!

Aunt Julie and Grams enjoying the part of the Duck Tour that goes into the Boston Harbor.

I guess Grandma had been worn ragged. That or the Duck Tours just wasn't making the list for exciting things to do while you are in Boston.

Paponwa, momasita, Cheese, and I after a nice Duck Tour!

Being with my parents, my sister, and brother-in-law was amazing! I absolutely love my family and can't wait to be with all of them. Thanks Mom and Dad for coming out to see Chelsea and I!

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