Monday, August 07, 2006

A Good Day!


So after a little searching we decided to get our Sushi from Shilla. The ambiance was great, the food was delicious, and the company...well who could ask for anything more. We decided to get three dishes to share (genius idea from the Ju-Ju-Bee). Ju got the 20 piece Maki Sushi, I got some kind of pot stickerish dumblings, and Seth got a Shrimp & Scallop dish with veggies and glass noodles. The entire meal was absolutely wonderful!

This is what happens when you see that they have spider sushi on the menu...Shock & Awe! I used to have a pet tarantula named Emerson and I can't even begin to imagine eating him (even if he is rolled in rice). DISGUSTING!!

Herrell's Ice Cream

Here at Herrell's we decided to indulge ourselves with some delicious ice cream. I got the Cookies & Cream, Seth went with the Sweet Cream, but Julie (the winner by a long shot) got the classic Banana Split. Three different kinds of ice cream: carrot cake batter, chocolate, and vanilla. Toppings included: banana, almonds, hot fudge, whipped cream, snickers, and of course, a cherry to top it all off. Yummy!

Then we headed off for our day-long adventure. We hit the road in Seth's beaut of a car with the top down and the wind blowing in our faces. We drove by Revere Beach and wound around all these quaint little towns in New England. The places we drove by were absolutely beautiful. Along the way we were privy to a sneak peek at a decadent rich wedding on the beach. We made it out to Castle Rock Marblehead and went to see the light house there. We also went to Manchester by the sea and checked out Singing Beach. All in all the day was magical!

Castle Rock Marblehead

After a Beautiful long drive we got out to do some exploring at Castle Rock Marblehead. Seth is scouting out the rock climbing endeavors that follow.

There is this rock that I really wanted to stand on just outside this picture that Seth and I are investigating. Ended up that the only way to get to it was to sad.

Seth and I doing a little rock climbing.

I guess I wanted to take back a souvenir from our trip--battle wounds! I got these rock climbing. (picture taken a few days later so it looks a ton better then when it happened)

Seth rock climbing and almost killing himself (Not the smartest thing to do).

We also stopped by the local Light House and while Seth was doing some exploring on his own-Julie and layed on the grass and looked at the clouds. This place was just a breeze. I kept thinking that it would be the perfect place to fly a kite and have a picnic. I'll have to remember to come back.

Manchester By The Sea Singing Beach

Thank you Vanna Julie and Seth. Singing Beach was great located in the lovely Manchester By The Sea (yes this is the name of the place).

By the time we got to Singing Beach I really wanted to actually get into the water. So Julie and Iwent into the bath house to change. Just as we were getting out this lady came around to tell everyone she was turning out the lights because the bath house was closing (that's when you know that you are late). Jules and I braved the cold water (well up to waist, at least) anyway because, well, we did go to the beach after all! Seth walked the beach while Julie and I got attacked by slimy seaweed. We got to watch the sun go down.

On the drive back home the sky was a cornicopia of colors going from purple, to purple/pink, then a blueish color and it was gorgeous. What a good day!

To end one good day Julie and Seth made Beer Brauts for all of us to enjoy. This was my first time to eat brauts and I very much enjoyed it.


Kyles said...

Editor's note: I found out only recently that the spider sushi doesn't actually have spider in it. It is soft crab that is Tempurad and looks like spider (thus the name)...I feel much better about this.

No worries Emerson!

S said...

Sweet pics to cover the sweet day! Case you couldn't read the sign at singing beach it says, "NUDITY". That's right, there is no red line through that. And there was a nasty old lady out in the ocean with no swimsuit bottoms on. You should have seen the looks on those 10 year old boys faces! hah!

Thanks for a great day girl.

Ju Ju Bee said...

Thanks for putting it into words for us. It was truly an amazing day full of recklessness and water... cold water.

Tang Tang said...

I AM SO JEALOUS. In a good way. Looks like you peeps had an amazing time...and will have it again once I get home? Yes? Yes, anyone?

jasmine said...

Welcome to the Northshore my dear, it truly is a great place.

Steph said...

i wish that the beach i live on had a no nudity sign. seriously. spider rolls are actually pretty tasty; did you eat one? :)