Monday, August 28, 2006


So this is a sleep deprived Seth, Julie and K. Marie the night before P-Town. This is how we decide what to do on the weekends. Stay up really-really-really late...all pile on my bed, and then decided that we are going to get up very-very early the next morn. Man, I love you guys!

We decided to stop on our way to Cape Cod in Plymouth.

Since we came all this way...we just had to stop at the place where it all started. Plymouth was beautiful, but a little disappointing. Be sure to have other plans if you come out here to check out the birthplace of Thanksgiving!

A replica of the Mayflower

The Plymouth Rock where the Pilgrims landed the Mayflower in 1620!

This is me, greatly disappointed at the Plymouth Rock!

After Plymouth we headed (more like zoomed in the Cheat) to the tip of Cape Cod (thanks for the hand map Ju-Ju-Bee). once there we just enjoyed P-town!

We are hungry so we decided to eat at Mojo's. Why Mojo's you might ask? Well, I won't tell you who but we did have an anti-seafood participant with we had to find a place that appeased all.

Preston returns from getting his food to find that no one has saved him a seat. He is very sad and starts to cry (but doesn't he look good with K. Marie's bag on)?

Umm...umm good! Mojo's food was scrumditiliumpsious!

This beach just didn't cut it for swimming so we found out that there was a shuttle bus "Breeze" that we could pay $1 and it would take us to the "real" beach called Herring Cove.

So this is Herring Cove Beach. The sun was out in full swing and we enjoyed soakin' in the rays, but not so much getting into the water as you can see by this pic...neither did anyone else. It might be because the water was ridiculously cold. upon entering the Cove there was this white board that said the water was 65 degrees, but let me tell you what...NO WAY!

Preston and Seth did komakaze run-dives into the water, I at least stood out in the waves up to my shoulders for a while, but Ju-Ju and Murry...well lets just say they didn't last too long in the freezing water!

I guess in our swimsuits we get a little photo shy.

Seth, K. Marie, Preston, and Julie pausing for a picture moment at the beach. Feel the Love!!

So after we had enough sun, throwing a water-soaked nerf football around, and all of us were sufficiently sun burned--we decided to head back to P-town for some Ice cream.

The place had okay ice-cream but I think we all agree that it probably wasn't the best (as it proclaimed on their banner above the ice cream).

All in all P-town was great, we had a lot of laughs, a lot of food, got a taste of the rainbow, and had a great time to bonding in the Cheat!


Tang Tang said...

I agree, the cape was faaaabulous!! (Say it the P-town way.) I, personally, enjoyed comments such as "Cape Cod? I'll cape *your* cod." and so on.
Great chronical, Ky. Would that we would return soon...

Ju Ju Bee said...

does "a taste of the rainbow" have anything to do with the fact that p-town is the quintessential hotspot for gays? just wondering...

Steph said...

awesome. when we were in cape cod we didn't make it to p-town. thank you for documenting this for me. hope you're doing great girl!