Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Who invented chalk?

The randomness of me part III

So there I was, as usual, taking my morning commute to work (a bus and the T). Today, however, I was in rare form as random questions kept coming to my mind. I usually spend my time on the Bus and T reading, people watching, sleeping etc. Today was different. I'll let you in on my thoughts this morning...

I wonder how much money he actually makes in a day (thoughts directed at a kid that sings in Harvard T station on a regular basis)? He could make it through at least the first round of American Idol.

Did anyone like to hide Barbie's tiny shoes from their little sister as much as me?

Is there someone in some factory far away that actually makes meals and divides them into tiny portions, puts them into plastic containers and sends them to the refrigerator sections in our local grocery stores in the form of frozen T.V dinners so we can bring them home, heat them up, and eat them?

Who invented chalk?

What if I didn't get off on my stop and just took the train to the end of the tracks?

How come my digital camera goes through batteries like they are water?

It feels good to have written another's been too long.

Oh, gross I can still taste the remnants of the vanilla mint toothpaste I tried this morning...sicko!

If I just whacked my hair off tonight--how many of my friends would be honest about how it looks?

Oh, I love getting the chance twice a day to see the beautiful Charles!

Is coke the mormon equivalent for coffee?

And so it went and so it goes...


Mooney said...

I invented chalk.

Kyles said...

nice guy!