Monday, August 14, 2006

wanna go swing?

The randomness of me part II.

As i was taking the bus #71 Watertown home tonight around 9:40pm I had a stroke of genius... Tonight is the perfect night to go swing! So i ran home, I put on my pj's, grabbed K. Marie's keys (and Jared) and headed to the closest set of swings i know.

Once there i had a euphoric time swinging on swings, dancing and doing Yoga poses on that spongy ground they make for kids (that i think is actually more dangerous...rug burns galore) to be safer on, sliding down the plastic slide i barely fit on, and star gazing.

i don't know why it is that i love to swing in all it's fashions. i love hammocks, i love swings. i also love rocking chairs, love the rocking motion of being out on the water in any kind of boat or floating device. i love merry-go-rounds (although i can't seem to find them anywhere anymore).

There's just something magical about swinging...remember how you use to say you were "married" when you were swinging at the same height and speed as the person next to you. Or how you were never really too big for an"underdog". Man, I just love swings!


Steph said...

i love swinging too. i don't remember being 'married' to anyone who swung as high as me, but i'd be willing to give it a whirl.

jasmine said...

Next time, call me and I will come with! I love to swing.