Monday, August 14, 2006


It's one thing to miss someone but it's entirely different to know why...
  • I miss hearing you talk to me through the magic closet
  • I need more oatmeal creme pies
  • I'm tired of Jack crying for you
  • I'm not fulfilling my laughing quotent
  • Because you aren't here-to never sleep-I have taken over that role...ahhhh!
  • I miss our chats on my bed
  • You asking me how my day went
  • I miss never being able to find my hair claws
  • I miss your off-the-wall-crazy ideas
  • The way people never stop coming over to see you and spend time with you
  • I miss your funny faces
  • Your 6 stages of nerdiness
  • Your laugh
  • Your falling asleep because you are bored of yourself (donkey) sounds
  • The way you seem to fill the entire upstairs with your prescence
  • There's no new movies from the Franklin Library
  • You telling me all your crazy work stories
  • I miss not having someone to tell all the dumb things I do
  • The sound of you watching some random movie on your Notebook
  • Taking off your glasses, turning off your notebook, and tucking you into bed
  • I miss you bein excited to see me at the end of a long day at work
  • Your amazing ability to make everything seem so clear
  • I miss so many more things...
  • I miss you
(Jared does make a fabulous roommate while you are away...but he is not the pine scented air)


Mooney said...

I am most definitely not the pine scented air.

p.s. I missed you too.

Tang Tang said...

I less than three you senseless, darling. Get it? <3 ?

(Dang, that fell under one of the stages of nerdiness, didn't it? Are you SURE you miss me?)

Can't wait to get back to my dirty water, you all included.

Steph said...

aw. sweet.