Thursday, August 17, 2006

206 Days

I've lived in Boston for over 6 months now (206 days to be exact). For those of you not from around here I wanted to show you a little of South Station. I come in and out of here every work day. I have grown to love South Station. I eat lunch here sometimes, takes trains from here, and take crazy buses from here and back. There is just something magical about trains that makes me feel like a little kid again whenever I am inside the station. So here's to trains and being a kid!

Our little trojan cow is part of a cow parade check out the other 149 cows here

I absolutely LOVE this place! Many of you know that I'm not a huge sweets person and that I really don't like cakes at all, but these Rosie's cakes are scrumptious! (right Amy?).

Yes, it is 2:00 in the afternoon on a Friday and I'm leaving work. I worked a 12 hour day earlier in the week so I got to leave early and I was one happy girl!

My South Station


Steph said...

what do you do for work in boston??

Kyles said...

I work directly across the street at a nonproft organization called, Adoption & Foster Care Mentoring. AFC Mentoring empowers adopted and foster youth to flourish through committed mentoring relationships.

I am the Volunteer and Recruitment Coordinator. I recruit volunteers, mentors, I supervise volunteer management projects, I go to volunteer fairs, and I do a million other things. I love my job but wished I got paid to do it (currently an AmeriCorps VISTA)!

Steph said...

so are you planning on staying there for a while? how much longer until you get paid?

Kyles said...

My VISTA year ends January 27th so I will for sure being ending my year of being a National Volunteer and coming into adulthood with a new paying job!

I am planning to stay in Boston until the Fall of 2007 when I will (hopefully) be going to Grad School to get my MSW!

The MSW school of choice is TBD...