Monday, September 20, 2010

Date #1: Game Night

Name: "Chef"
Profession: Full-Time Student (Valet on the side)
Date Theme: Dinner & Games

"Chef" (I won't be posting any of the guys real names) picked me up around 7:00 pm. He was a gentleman and opened the doors for me (even the car door). We went to his house where he had prepared some food but it had to cook. He made twice backed potatoes and chicken, onion, and green bell pepper shish kabobs. The food looked amazing. This is where he earned his nickname.

While we waited for the food to cook we played a game called "Sequence" that I had never played before but enjoyed. I did fairly well for my first time but Chef is really good at the game and so he beat me. ( I would make up for that later). The finished cooking, smelled, and tasted amazing! "Chef" lives in a house with 4 other roommates, all of whom I met throughout the night, one of which I had gone on a few dates with previously!

One of "Chef's" roommates and his girlfriend joined us for dinner since there was more than enough for all 4 of us. It was nice to have others to talk to and so our single date turned into a sort of double date. After talking and eating we left to go to a game night at some of "Chef's" friends' house.

Game night was okay but the girls who lived in the house had a cat (which I hate) so I avoided wherever the cat was all evening. At one point we got to play a game of "Cutthroat" and it was "Chef, this guy named Nathan, and I playing together. I was 1-5, Nathan was 6-10, "Chef" was 11-15. Nathan won the game. I beat "Chef" which is all that mattered to me!! I met another one of "Chef's" roommates (he was talking with an Australian accent) at games night. Also I re-met and actually got talking to this amazing girl and she got my number so I was able to do a little networking!

After game night we went back to where "Chef" lives and I met the last roommate (remember I had gone out with the other roommate about 5 years ago). We all ended up eating Cheesecake and just talking and having a great time. "Chef" then took me home, walked me to the door, and...

I had a great time with "Chef" and hope the rest of dates go as smooth!!


Dani said...

that's good that you had fun:) do these boys that they're going to be on your blog?!

smiliesar said...

Fun night and yeah for him cooking for you! YUM!