Thursday, September 23, 2010

Date #5: "Sing Me A Song You're the..."

Name: "Piano man"
Profession: Full-Time Student (Pest Control on the side)
Date Theme: Dinner & Entertainment

I was suppose to go on a date with one guy but something came up so "Piano Man" was great and filled in last minute. He took me to Rumbi for dinner and I really enjoyed the ambiance and company. I had never been to Rumbi and really liked the Hawaiian feel it had.

"Piano Man" and I ate our rice bowls and had some great conversation. During the conversation we learned that we both play the piano in common. So after dinner we went back to my house and played some piano. "Piano Man" can play jazz ( I dream about being able to do that some times) and so we attempted to play a few duets.

After our jam session I walked him back outside to say goodbye and he...

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