Saturday, September 25, 2010

Date #6: Ward Picnic

Name: "Hulu"
Profession: Full-Time ASU Law Student
Date Theme: Picnic in the Park

My date tonight is roommates with "Sushi" and both are in my new ward. "Hulu" came and picked me up and we went to the store to pick out food to make dinner. We decided to make pizza and picked up a dessert while we were there. Then we went back to "Hulu's" house to make our pizza. I was given the job to do the sauce and cheese while my date did the pepperoni.

After we had finished making dinner we headed to Freestone Park to join our ward for a picnic themed date night. Here's how it worked: people from the ward signed up to be a part of the picnic night. Then the girls who came prepared a dinner for two and the guys who came prepared a dessert for two. The girls put their dinners on the table and the guys picked whatever picnic he wanted and then they were matched to eat a picnic dinner. They were given a few getting to know you questions. When that was done we all walked to a different area in the park and the guys set up their desserts and the girls picked the dessert of their choice and were matched up with the guy for a picnic dessert. Again each couple was given some questions.
In the end all the questionnaire's were placed in a bowl. The couple chosen were each given gift certificates ($40).

So "Hulu" and I went to the part but instead of switching date we just had both the dinner and dessert picnics with each other. We ate the pizza we made and enjoyed the Oreo cake dessert we bought. We had already asked some getting to know you questions previous to the picnic but welcomed the ready make questionnaires.

One of the questions: "What do you do in your free time" brought about a funny conversation with my date. He admitted that whenever he is asked this question all he can think of as an answer is "I like to watch TV." I laughed and readily agreed. Telling him that I watch my episodes on Hulu to unwind from my crazy job to my daily living. We talked about how most people like to watch TV but that's not an acceptable answer to give so everyone always thinks of other things they do. I laughed and said that is exactly what I do--my go to answer is that I play the piano. "Hulu" admitted that he hates the commercials on Hulu and would rather watch his favorite shows on TV than Hulu.

We had a great time answering the questions and then making up our own questions. When the ward picnic was over "Hulu" took me home. We didn't stay up much longer b/c our ward temple was at 6:30 am Saturday morning. So "Hulu" walked me to the door, said goodnight, and he...

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Diana said...

That sounds FUN! If I'm ever in charge of coming up with activities in a Singles Ward, I'm totally doing this. :D