Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Things Are Just Things

I have an amazing best friend these days and I might be biased except I have an actual awesome story that proves that he's wonderful. My friend Hunter wrote of an incident that happened a few weekends ago on his BLOG.

I am continuously learning things from Brandon but one lesson is that things are just things and we don't need to become attached. He gives things away to people to make sure he doesn't become attached.

The irony is that for years I've been struck with wanderlust and could put just about everything I owned in my toyota corolla and drive wherever I lived. Like a turtle I carried all my belongings with me which is to say I didn't have much. Since meeting Brandon I have acquired a few things (piano/typewriter) I can't live without and would be hard pressed to give away. Still I like the idea that things are just things.

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smiliesar said...

That is amazing since that's a hard concept for most people to wrap their heads around. I know I'm one of them. I know they are but to really just give things up or not care about them is tough!