Sunday, September 26, 2010

Date #7: "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better"

Name: "Jackpot"
Profession: State Farm Agent
Date Theme: Competition

My original final date got called into work so I was told by HT that I would have a date and to to be ready by 7:30 pm. So I was at home with my roommates getting ready around 7:00 pm when I heard my roommate scream up to me to call 911 b/c the neighbors were fighting. I rand downstairs and outside ( I have personally seen how bad these domestic violence fights can be). I yelled at my neighbors to stop and long story short they calmed down a bit. I told my story to the 911 dispatch while the neighbors continued to get intoxicated and were swearing up a storm. The Cops came dealt with the situation, came over and got our witness statements and then we had actually write out our statements. The Cops took our driver's license and such and it was at this time that my date showed up....

Turns out it was "Jackpot" aka the HT aka The Instigator!! I was surprised to see him at my door but knew that I would have a blast. So after I finished up with the cops "Jackpot" and I headed to Tempe Market Place. We went to eat dinner at Dave & Busters but there was a wait so we decided to walk around and talk.

I thought this bike rack was super awesome!

I couldn't resist playing in the jumping fountain with the kiddos!

Finally it was time to eat and we had a great time getting to know each other and eating our fabulous food. When we were done eating the games began. "Jackpot" just wanted to win or beat me in every game we played (and he almost did). I had so much fun playing all the games and winning tons of tickets!

"Jackpot" won the 600 ticket jackpot and the 200 ticket jackpot for a total of 800 tickets!

The tickets seriously were coming out of the machine forever!

"Jackpot" was kind and bought me an Elmo for 1/2 the tickets we earned (yes we only used 1/2 our tickets that's how many tickets we won.)

Then "Jackpot" drove me home, walked me to the door, said goodbye, and...


Monica said...

Dave and I have been so entertained each day reading up on your dates! What a fun idea! Thanks for keeping us entertained!!!

smiliesar said...

What a fun week! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

Diana said...

How Awesome! I am very impressed with your HT's tenacity and creativity and spunk! :D It was fun to read about your fun times... may there be many, many more! ;D

dougandjulie said...

Wow1 I'm impressed with your home teacher. He went to a lot of work to set up those seven dates in seven days. What a fun week!